custom hand drawn maps

to tell your story & celebrate the places you love.

Created in Kelowna, British columbia

Our mission is to celebrate the every day, and so we began to draw maps to celebrate some of our favourite places.

The shop began with a simple map of our hometown, and has expanded to showcase locations that are meaningful to our collective community.

maps to tell your story

While there are ways that may be easier to design a map, we choose to digitally hand-draw each and every one.

After drawing the map, we add coordinates & have it printed locally.

the process

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Custom maps for every occasion. You tell us where, and we will create a unique map for every situation. Here are some ideas to get you started:

+ Where you proposed
+ Your childhood cabin
+ The places you and your Partner met (to be hung side by side)
+ your hometown
+ where you went to college
+ honeymoon location
+ Top travel destination
+ Your wedding venue
+ Favourite city with all the best coffee shops marked
+ first house

tell your 
adventure story

“I am absolutely in love with how Victoria and Levi captured a place in time with simplistic yet intricate lines creating a memory of Paris.”




Design Time (for one map)

1-3 Hours

4-7 Hours

8-10 Hours

Pricing is divided into TWO categories. We have separated the prints from the design time to make it easy for you to see how much it costs if you want to add on an extra print, and so that you are never paying for the design time twice


Pick your print sizes

* all sizing is in inches

Get your order in

For the most part, YES! Chances are, if you can find the location on the internet, we can do it.

Can I get any location in the world?

You bet! 

No, at this time, we are only offering print options. No digital files will be deilvered.

Can I order more than one?

Am I able to just order a digital design?

Our current turnaround time from your paid deposit to final delivery is 6-8 weeks.

How long does it take to get my map?

While there are easier ways to create maps, we choose to digitally hand draw each piece. This means a human is drawing each and every line for you, not a computer! We really appreciate your patience and hope that you can value the slow art of map creation

Why does it take so long?

Other than the location, you can customize font, title, coordinates. You can also add specific markings (such as a a heart or pin on your home)

What can I customize?

You are able to completely customize them to your needs. We try to carry many locations in our shop, but it just isn't possible to have every location. Investing in a custom piece allows you to get any location you want!

How is a custom map different?

frequently asked questions.

"She absolutely loved [the map] and it had her in tears (which is a good thing). The piece is absolutely beautiful and we could not be happier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


custom order requests:

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