our story

We have always been passionate about home and adventure.
Two words which may seem like opposites, but really are the perfect pair.

In 2015, we went on an adventure that shaped us, challenged us, and inspired the name for this shop. 

Through that adventure we realized the significance of home, wherever that may be.

We looked for something to honor our hometown in a way that was modern, minimal & aesthetically pleasing, but couldn’t find anything (not even a cheesy postcard).

So in 2019, as a passion project, we created a digitally hand drawn map of our hometown. We wanted the map for ourselves, and hoped that others in our community would also like the idea.

After we shared this first map on Instagram, we started getting requests for different locations. 

Our business was strictly service oriented, and we never thought we would be drawing, packaging and shipping 100s of maps in the years to come.

This passion project has turned into so much more, and we can’t thank our online community enough for supporting us as we have navigated through learning all the things.

In 2015, we lived in Germany while attending Bodenseehof Bible school. The school was right on the “Bodensee” and we spent many hours walking, talking and dreaming there. We accredit our time abroad to the start of our creative business ventures, and it felt only fitting that we include a place of adventure for the shop name. In January 2021, Bode Goods was launched as a division of Levi and Victoria Creative (formerly known as Wilder Heart Co).

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all because of one map

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Our Team

our team

victoria harder


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Danielle kerswell

Levi Harder

Client Communication, Map Drawing, Packaging

Wholesale Accounts, Social Media Communications

Hand-letterer, designer, Creative direction, Packaging

Earl Grey Tea

Exploring aesthetic cafes

Going anywhere new

Includes exploring a lake, hammocks & a bonfire

Chocolate Shake

Iced Chai

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being a little sassy


our community


the answers you need

Is this Wilder Heart Co?

Yes! Welcome to our new shop. After years of being under the name Wilder Heart Co, we have rebranded and given our shop a name that feels more true to our direction. If you are looking for photography or brand services, check out Levi and Victoria.

Do you have an in person store?

At this time, Bode Goods is only available online, or through our stockists throughout Canada.


Please note that Bode Goods will not be held responsible for delivery addresses that were not entered correctly. Ensure that addresses are correct and complete.

At this time we do not offer returns, exchanges or cancellations.

Your adventures have shaped you. Let them take up space in your home in a modern way.

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